Distributed Workforce: What Are the Challenges and Opportunities?

Working remotely or from home represents a significant shift in work culture that has been experiencing ever-increasing popularity in recent years. This development is supported by modern technologies and globalization that allow people to communicate and collaborate regardless of physical distance. Although this form of work offers many advantages, such as flexibility, the possibility of a better work-life balance and wider availability of workers, it also brings with it some challenges that require careful solutions.

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Implementation of new technologies for effective human resource management

In today's fast-paced corporate culture, companies are increasingly dependent on the implementation of new technologies for effective human resource management. The use of modern tools and digital innovations enables HR professionals and managers to more easily respond to market challenges and optimise work processes. The following overview offers a more detailed view of the key aspects and benefits that new technologies bring to the HR field.

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Building environmentally responsible companies and reducing the carbon footprint

Lately, the issue of sustainability and ecology is becoming increasingly urgent. More than ever, we are aware that our environment is fragile and at risk. Businesses play a key role in this scenario, so it is increasingly important that they accept responsibility for their impact on the planet. Building ecologically responsible companies and reducing the carbon footprint is becoming a priority for all who desire a sustainable future!

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Approaching Passive Candidates and Finding Hidden Talent

Reaching out to passive candidates and finding hidden talent is an increasingly important aspect of modern recruiting. Classic recruitment methods are no longer enough, as they often fail to find candidates who are not actively looking for a job. The process of approaching passive candidates and finding hidden talent requires strategy and skill that differs from the normal recruitment process. In this article, we will look at some tips that will help you reach passive candidates more effectively and discover hidden talents!

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10 tips to avoid burnout in your employees

In today's world of work, it is becoming more and more common for people to experience burnout as a result of prolonged stress and overload. This condition can have serious consequences not only on the psyche of employees but also on the performance and productivity of the company as a whole. Therefore, it is important that we as employers take measures to help our employees avoid this unpleasant situation. Below are 10 tips on how to do just that!

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Millennials and Generation Z: how to set up the HR process

Millennials and Generation Z bring new challenges to the workplace when it comes to setting up HR processes. Older generations of employees are more focused on performance, younger generations are looking for more flexibility, opportunities for growth and work-life balance. Therefore, it is important that companies adapt their HR processes to the needs of these generations and thus ensure the satisfaction and productivity of their employees.

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Unique Ways to Build Your IT Candidate Talent Pool

Globally, digital transformation, which refers to the trend of companies utilizing digital tools and technology to improve business operations, is steadily increasing. As of November 2022, per Zippia, 70% either have the digital infrastructure or are working towards its development. Even at the small and mediums business sizes 57% have basic digital intensity in the Czech Republic alone, with the EU at 60% integration. Clearly, both the EU and the Czech Republic have room to grow and are expected to do so.

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Become the favorite brand of your employees

Picture an office from a magazine having a picturesque team and excellent coffee. Outwardly, a company that everyone would like to work for. But what is the reality? Building brand loyalty towards customers depends primarily on the quality of services, identification with customers, fulfillment of requirements directed at the company, and marketing campaigns. But the question is - how do you impress your own employees and build unbreakable corporate loyalty? Let's take a look at 4 steps to help you implement your Employee Value Proposition, or EVP.

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How to Feel Reinspired and Motivated About a Career in HR

HR attracts individuals who want to make a difference and have an impact on people and organizations. So, how can you continue to fuel this initial passion when the daily burden and exhaustion begin to drag you down? Well here are some ideas on ways to stay motivated, excited, and invigorated by the same passion that led you to a career in HR. HR attracts individuals who want to make a difference and have an impact on people and organizations. So, how can you continue to fuel this initial passion when the daily burden and exhaustion begin to drag you down? Well here are some ideas on ways to stay motivated, excited, and invigorated by the same passion that led you to a career in HR.

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5 steps to create a job post that will attract your ideal candidate

When posting for open job positions there are two main struggles to overcome. The first is getting your post seen by candidates and the second is getting candidates to not only see the post but actually apply to it. Luckily, Datacruit can post your position and make sure that your postings are seen. However, you still should create a notable and attractive post that will make qualified candidates stop from scrolling on to the next similar position. So how do you make a post stand out and be worth the work of an application? Follow these 5 steps to stop your job postings from being lost in the shuffle.

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DEI - The Importance Of Representation And Participation In The Workplace

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is a term that describes the policies and programs businesses implement to ensure participation and equal representation of diverse groups of people. Although, on the surface, DEI may seem like a “feel-good” initiative, research shows that promoting equity and expanding diverse viewpoints to all levels of an organization improves profits, team morale, innovation, and more. As an employer, implementing DEI policies and programs must be a focus for your business. However, you must first understand exactly what DEI is.

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As a post-pandemic business environment has accelerated a rapidly changing job market, finding and retaining talented employees has become more difficult than ever before. Recruiters can no longer rely on traditional hiring methods—passively posting job ads and awaiting emails from potential candidates has become ineffective. If your company is failing to reach and attract ideal candidates, it may be time to adopt a new recruiting method. Here are 5 innovative approaches in recruitment you should consider.

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5 Steps To Successful Recruitment When Using The Portal For Hiring Managers

The hiring manager is a key part of the recruitment process . A good recruitment process results from the style of communication between sourcers, recruiters and hiring managers. Due to the busy schedule of hiring managers, HR is usually the only group that deals with recruitment—but what if the hiring manager also wants to be involved in recruiting? If this is the case, then we must use our portal for hiring managers, which is part of Datacruit ATS!

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5 questions to ask when recruiting candidates for remote positions

The current job market is complex and rapidly changing. On one hand, there is a great demand in the market for candidates. On the other hand, candidates are often skeptical about changing jobs in these uncertain times—this has led to a rapid increase in the popularity of remote work. So, whether you are recruiting from the other side of the republic or the other side of the world, if the candidate will be working remotely, do not forget to ask these 5 key questions during the interview!

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How to choose ATS?

Nowadays, more than ever, the focus is on streamlining and automating work. This is no different in recruitment. Recruiters need to move with the times and be able to find, reach and engage candidates through many different platforms. ATS (Applicant Tracking System) can facilitate both recruitment and search of candidates by combining almost all components of recruitment together. The ATS helps sort candidates in one place, record the progress of their interviews, involve managers in recruitment, integrate different job portals, link LinkedIn or your own career site, and much more. In today's blog you will learn what to focus on when selecting ATS.

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CASE STUDY: Thanks to the Datacruit ATS, we have unified the resources of candidates into one system

In 2016, Dixons Carphone decided to upgrade its HR and find a better system for storing data on recruitment processes. Datacruit was able to tailor the ATS system to all their requirements and criteria. They are now using ATS for the 5th year and in a new interview with us, Miroslav Ambrožová shared how the transition to the new application took place and in what directions it made their job easier.

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