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Why Datacruit ATS?

Portal for managers

An Intuitive environment dedicated to hiring managers through which you can communicate with your team, candidates or other managers. A platform that provides an overview of the entire recruitment process, it allows you to write comments, give feedback and/or create and post a request for a new position, and much more.

Real-time Analytics

A comprehensive overview of recruitment activities in the form of clear analytics. With a few clicks, you can see how candidates are moving in the process, what is the average time from first contact to start date, the percentage of accepted offers, efficiency of the candidate sources and lots more.

Recruitment Academy

Educate yourself and your team with the help of the best people on the market. Online courses plus webinars of our sister company Recruitment Academy are both free within Datacruit ATS. You also are able to get a 30% discount on face-to-face courses. 

Individual approach

We are not just a technology company. We rely on an individual approach and listen to our clients. You always have someone to turn to and call, even our CEO. We act honestly, fairly and with respect at all times which our customers appreciate the most.

Datacruit ATS features

  • Create job opportunities easily and quickly using AI

    Create a comprehensive job advertisement in just a few seconds. In the advertisement options, simply select the input data, such as meeting notes, additional information you want to include in the advertisement, or instructions for the format of the ad. Our AI solution then processes everything and, with one click, generates a job description that can be further edited.

  • Speed up recruitment with automation

    Set up automation rules for effective teamwork and communication with candidates. With our solution, you can automatically move candidates further along in the process based on predefined criteria, or automatically send emails at specific times and dates you set, according to your workflow. So you can focus on what's important to you and let automation take care of the rest!

  • MATCHING so-called automated preselection of candidates

    Create a position and get the most relevant candidates from the database in one click. Matching scans the candidate database for you, evaluates a range of criteria such as location or salary requirements, grades each candidate and ranks the resulting list of candidates by relevance. This way, you have the most suitable candidates in the top positions, whom you can immediately reach out to with your job offer. 

  • Keep control of your tasks and responsibilities

    Do you need to deal with a number of tasks within your agenda and want to have everything in one place? Datacruit ATS allows you to create tasks for specific records, whether it's a candidate, a position or a selection process. You can set a specific deadline for tasks, create a calendar reminder or assign a task to one of your colleagues. You can then see all tasks clearly in your Dashboard.

  • Pay attention to GDPR legislation

    Keep your consent to the processing of personal data directly in the ATS. Let Datacruit automatically send you a request to grant or renew your consent before it expires. Stay informed and in the know about what is happening in relation to the processing of personal data within the User Dashboard and be in full control of consent management.

  • Ask candidates for NPS feedback

    Monitor the quality of your tenders with anonymous feedback according to the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology. The feedback request is personalised, includes the customer logo and is very easy for the candidate to provide feedback directly from their email. You can see the NPS metrics in the reports.

  • Let managers create position requirements

    In recruitment, it all starts with the requirement for a new position. Let managers submit this request directly from their Hiring Manager Portal environment. Simply select the position from the catalog, fill in the necessary information and send everything to the HR team who will take the position, fill it in and send it for approval or start working on it right away as needed. Lengthy and inefficient communication with managers via email is now a thing of the past.

  • Approve positions or offers digitally

    Are you opening a position or sending an offer to a candidate that must go through internal approval before being sent? In Datacruit ATS you can run a simple approval workflow. Approvals are done online, where approvers can see all the necessary information and can approve or disapprove the position/offer with any comments. 

  • ATS offers many functionalities. Keep up with them with the user support module

    We are constantly adding new functionalities to the system. You can see individual uses in short videos that we regularly upload to support. At the same time, the support module is a great resource for new users.

  • Sourcing with the LinkedIn plugin

    Search for the perfect candidates on LinkedIn! With our plugin you can see important information directly in the search result. You have an immediate overview of who has visited the candidate's profile, whether you have the candidate in your database and, if so, what stage of the recruitment process they are in. In addition to the profile notes, you also have the option to save candidates directly to the ATS and to a specific position.

  • Make it easier for your hiring managers to get involved in recruitment

    Do you find communication with managers via email inefficient and unnecessarily lengthy? With our portal for Hiring Managers, recruiting will be fun! In the portal, they only see relevant candidates who have been preselected, easily provide feedback on whether they want to interview the candidate or not and add a comment if necessary. It's extremely easy to do, plus you don't have to constantly hunt them down, you can see all communication and activity in one place.

    Do you need to turn it all over to the Hiring Manager? No problem, the position can be managed by the HM himself, i.e. he can move candidates through the process and communicate with them directly. You just keep track of everything from afar and at the end of the month you get a report on who is joining you. At the same time, the Hiring Manager has the possibility to create a request for a new position!

  • Keep recruitment under control

    Datacruit ATS has a lot to offer from an analyst perspective. There are 12+ predefined reports in the system that give you a comprehensive overview of what your "recruiting funnel" looks like, what your "time to hire" is, what candidate sources are working for you, or what the most common reasons for rejection from candidates are. You can track future hires, recruiter KPIs or NPS feedback.

    Want to create your own reports? There is a BI interface available for you, through which recruitment data can be downloaded to internal BI tools such as Power BI or Tableau, where customers can create their own reports.

  • Recruit from anywhere directly from your phone

    Keep a list of candidates and an overview of the selection process handy. With our mobile app for Android and iOS, you can always see which candidate is calling you, check the details of the selection process or the candidate themselves. Of course, you can send a text message or call the candidate.

  • Schedule interviews without lengthy appointments

    Give candidates access to your calendar and don't waste time constantly listing availability. If a candidate chooses a date, the status of that interview is automatically filed, so you don't have to worry about filling out processes either.

  • Post positions on career sites and job portals

    Nothing delays as much as putting up ads on several job portals. Datacruit ATS' connection to 15+ job portals makes it easy to do everything from one place and in minutes. Post positions to career sites, job portals or create external sharing for marketing campaigns directly from the system. Responses are automatically overwritten, allowing you to manage the entire process right in the ATS!

  • Automatically personalize emails and document templates

    Don't keep filling in the same information in emails and documents, leave it to the ATS! Create templates that use placeholders to fill in important information for you.

  • Send bulk emails and other mass actions with candidates

    Need to sort out several candidates at once? With Datacruit, it's easy to reach out to your candidates with a bulk and personalized email, as well as change their status, share selected candidates on Hiring Manager or send them a feedback request (NPS). Save yourself the work and a lot of unnecessary clicking.


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Are you ready to try Datacruit or do you need more information? We'll contact you, arrange a free demo and answer your questions.

Demo starter

Demo starter

We'd be happy to make an appointment with you and show you the ATS in practice.

If you like the demo, we will prepare a full version for free for 30 days so you can try out the most important functions of the application.
  • Unlimited access to all standard system functions
  • Custom demo database to fully test whether the system fits your needs
  • LinkedIn Plugin




Flexible pricing
based on the size of your company

From 80 EUR / recruiter license for shared access / month

Pre-agreed number of accesses = number of recruiters who will work in the ATS at the same time

  • Access to all system functions
  • Unlimited number of candidates
  • Unlimited number of jobs
  • LinkedIn plugin
  • FREE advertising on
  • Online courses and webinars from Recruitment Academy available for FREE inside Datacruit ATS, plus face-to-face courses with a 30% discount
  • Continuous development and improvement of the system


We offer customized solutions for large corporations.

Price according to the scope of implementation

Installed on your own IT infrastructure

  • Possibility to fully adapt the system to your requirements and needs
  • Lifetime license to use the system
  • Implementation on the client's IT infrastructure requires the involvement of internal IT


Absolutely! Want to try our system? Just contact us and we will gladly prepare a free 30-day demo.

We do not restrict the number of user accounts in the system. A concurrent user determines the pre-agreed number of users that can work in the system concurrently.

Of course! You can adjust the number of users from month to month according to your needs without any change to the initial contract. All you need to do is let us know how many user accesses you would like for the next month!

We strive for mutual trust and fairness. We can be flexible regarding this as long as it is not on a regular basis! If it happens to get to that point, then we will contact you and hope to reach an agreement and potentially increase the number of concurrent users from the beginning of the following month; or we can also set up a restrictive model if desired!

Yes, basic advertising for all Datacruit ATS customers is completely free! Every published position is automatically shared from Datacruit ATS to our job portal.

It’s simple–add promo code “DATACRUIT30” on the Recruitment Academy website when placing the order for onsite courses. After we check and confirm that you are a Datacruit customer, the onsite courses will get discounted.

Yes. Thanks to our cooperation with Recruitment Academy Datacruit ATS users can access all the online courses or webinars  from the Datacruit ATS completely for free. The content is always available few hours after live streaming.

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