ATS for Internal HR

Digitalization of recruitment, more time to communicate with candidates and managers

Involve line managers in recruitment

Datacruit ATS provides Hiring Managers with quick and easy access to candidate information. It speeds up and streamlines communication not only with recruiters, but also with candidates and other managers.

Datacruit ATS also has an intuitive environment which offers managers an overview not only of active interviews, but is also a place for comments, feedback and many other activities. Managers can also create requests for additional positions there.

Save time with automation

Datacruit ATS automates and streamlines response processing, email communication, feedback, interview scheduling, and manager engagement so that recruiters can focus on what matters most — engaging with candidates.

Portal for external recruitment agencies and recruiters

If you work with external recruiters, Datacruit ATS allows you to enter candidates directly into your database for specific positions. You will streamline all communication with the agencies and you’ll have everything under full control and in one place.

Talent database and search

Build your own database of candidates for future recruitment. Keep in touch with candidates who have contacted you in the past. It's a simple way to get more relevant profiles and will help you save time and costs associated with recruitment.

In Datacruit ATS you have a clear history of communication with candidates all in one place. You can also search the content of uploaded CVs or prior communication. A quality database can make up to 30% of your new hires!

Easy online jobs sharing and advertising

Reach potential candidates on social networks or advertise a job offer with one click on career sites and popular job portals. Incoming responses are automatically imported into Datacruit ATS, where you can also smoothly complete the entire recruitment process.

As our client, you will also have free advertising of your roles on the portal.

Recruitment analysis

Every successful recruitment strategy depends on the ability to achieve tangible and measurable results.           

Datacruit ATS helps HR professionals and executives easily and effectively track recruitment activities, understand what their recruitment funnel looks like, and other important metrics. In 2 clicks you can be ready for your board meetings with beautiful and relevant reports!


Positive experience and feedback from candidates on the selection process is extremely important for the quality of recruitment.

With our recruitment platform, getting feedback from the candidate's point of view is extremely simple. The whole process can be automated and you can use the collected data to improve your recruitment.

Datacruit ATS can do much more

See what the other features are, or contact us and we’ll arrange a free demo and answer your questions.

More functions

Make recruitment more effective with Datacruit ATS

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