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65 EUR/month

Per concurrent user

  • An unlimited number of candidates and positions
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  • Can I try Datacruit ATS for free?

    Absolutely! Want to try our system? Just contact us and we will gladly prepare a free 30-day demo.

  • What is a concurrent user?

    We do not restrict the number of user accounts in the system. A concurrent user determines the pre-agreed number of users that can work in the system concurrently.

  • Can I change the number of concurrent users if needed?

    Of course! You can adjust the number of accesses from month to month according to your needs, without amending the contract. Just let us know how many accesses you want for the next month!

  • What happens if I exceed the agreed number of concurrent users?

    We strive for mutual trust and fairness. We can be flexible about this, but if you exceed the num-ber of accesses on a regular basis, we will want to agree to increase that number beginning the following month. Of course, we can also set up a restrictive model if need be.

  • Any more questions?

    Drop us a line or give us a call at  +420 602 576 063.

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Try Datacruit free for 30 days

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