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Nowadays, the most widely used way of job posting is on social networks. The advantage is that job offers reach a wider range of people and can thus indirectly reach candidates who could not be reached by other means. In this blog, we take a closer look at how to effectively publish job ads on social networks.

Job post versus Job description

Keep in mind that there is a big difference between a job post and a job description. While a job description is a purely informative document serving internal needs, a job post is a marketing tool. Based on this, a candidate develops an idea of a job position and, of course, aims to get a candidate to apply.

How to impress potential candidates

Next, we take a closer look at how to work with Job posting, as well as how to engage your sought-after candidates through job posting. According to research, 77% of candidates are found to arise from reading a job post, when a person realizes that the job sounds meaningful to them and considers changing jobs.

1. Thoughtful strategy

For a job post, it is important to know in advance from whom (client) for whom (candidate) the job is intended. The contribution should reflect if we're looking for someone, say, in a position for a large traditional bank or an emerging startup. It should also specify the candidate's required seniority, education and certain other requirements.

2. Opener

The beginning of the contribution should therefore be interesting, so that one stops and is interested in reading the contribution to the end. It has been found that the human brain does not process everything it sees, but only takes a quick suck from each post to decide on further activity.

One of the tips of a good opener is to target a specific group and then offer what the group is looking for. For a junior marketer, for example, the keywords in a job post can be "rotation, career and financial growth."

TIP: Active access and reaction to any comments, suggestions and criticisms under the job post is important. We will increase our credibility by designating a hiring manager, or directly a company on LinkedIn. We don't strike any poses, but we write as we speak.

 3. Story

Another way to impress is to write the text as a story. It's easier to draw attention and easier to remember. Also, the word "imagine" at the beginning of the post engages the imagination and leads to a person imagining themselves in a given position when reading the ad.

Another alternative is text that does not act as a job advert until the last sentence. Rather, it includes a description of a work platform that is able to do a number of things and only mentions the possibility of cooperation at the very end. This kind of text will particularly appeal to those people who are not actively looking for work. At the end of the post, however, they get a "little judge" and if they are interested in the ad, they are likely to sign up.

TIP: As for the timings of posting an ad, it is good not to stick strictly to general information, but to reflect the behavior of the candidates we are targeting.

4. Clarity

For job posting, the rule is the higher the number of characters, the lower the readability. The longer the contribution, the less likely someone will read it to the end. It is a matter of providing the candidate with important relevant information on the basis of which he would be able to decide whether the position is of interest to him. But try to avoid unnecessary information and making obvious requests. This unnecessarily reduces the readability of the text and the chance of a backlash.

TIP: It's good to specifically describe the job position, but at the same time keep some ace up your sleeve that will make the candidate want to contact us and continue communicating. This method is based on the phenomenon of FOMO - fear of missing out. People are curious, and once they feel they are missing some information, it makes them active to find out more. That'll get the candidate in touch.

5. Pay attention to the structure of the text

The 300-600 word rule applies to job board adverts, but on social networks the word range should be even shorter. Bullets should be used to help guide the text. Each paragraph should consist of three lines that describe the information in a clear, concise and specific manner. Remember reading on your phone, when text from the A4 format turns into 8 screens, here it is most crucial to pay attention to the legibility of the text. Bold highlighting of some phrases also helps.

Job post should contain short simple sentences. On the contrary, we should avoid empty phrases, industry jargon, excessive creativity and jokes. It's not always after that that the candidate understands what we're saying. It is always a good idea to consult the ad with someone who is doing the job and look at the text from the point of view of the person who will read it.

Today's trend is to write a post in person and authentically. It breaks down barriers better and builds a relationship. You may also want to include photos or video to better illustrate the company. Include expected pay grades in the text. According to research, advertisements giving information on at least general pay conditions have three times as many reactions.


We believe that our tips will help you lure as many suitable candidates as possible. Speaking of recruiting, be sure to also read our tips on how to become a more effective recruiter or how to measure a candidate's satisfaction with recruitment.
Author: Petr Kuděj

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