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Datacruit ATS is not only a software for HR professionals, but also an educational platform. Some time ago, We informed you about our connection with the Recruitment Academy. Thanks to this, our clients, together with access to ATS, also have access to a number of webinar records that aren’t secluded to only on the topic of HR! In today's article, we will introduce you to several courses that we provide to our clients free of charge in ATS.

Online Courses and Webinars

In our ATS you will find over 30 ONLINE courses and webinars. Thanks to your online form, you can return to videos at any time and you have the entire educational process under your control. You also don't have to bother with complicated course booking, travel, and physical presence.

"The ability to train quickly and effectively is a key issue in response to high staff turnover."

The individual courses cover a wide range of topics from automation, personal branding, and technical sourcing to new features in LinkedIn. Take a look with us at the selection of courses that are now available to our clients in ATS:

  • LinkedIn Revolution - in this webinar, José Kadlec will guide you through LinkedIn particular features and explain the specifics of approaching new candidates via LinkedIn and use the recruiter smart search filter in the most effective way and much more.
  • How to Find Out My Strengths - under the guidance of Jan Mühlfeit, a former Microsoft manager, global strategist, coach, and mentor, you will learn how to unleash your potential.
  • Talent Sourcing Hacks - if you have any problems approaching correct candidates, check out this 90 minute webinar, where you will learn the best hacks on how to find new talents.
  • Candidate Experience - how can you use a good relationship with your candidate as your competitive advantage? Watch our webinar led by Blake Wittman and Kristina Shershun as they will explain why a candidate's experience is now customer service. They will guide you through best practices and throughout the applicant's lifecycle from the perspective of internal HR.

TIP! In Datacruit ATS you will also find our new product from last year, Digital HR leaders. This is a package of 30+ online that are not all HR courses at a price of 197 EUR. 

In-Person Courses

As our customer, you not only get a selection of online courses for free, but also a discount of up to 30% on all in-person courses and seminars from the Recruitment Academy. To claim the discount, enter the promo code in the order on the Recruitment Academy website - "DATACRUIT30". As soon as our colleagues verifies that you are one of our customer, you will receive an invoice for the course with the applied discount. The courses take place in the training facilities of the Recruitment Academy in the Crown building on Wenceslas Square.

You can find the current offer of courses in the courses section on the website.

TIP! If you are drowning in repetitive activities that rob you of your precious time, read our article on how to become a more efficient recruiter.  

If you have any questions about Datacruit ATS, do not hesitate to contact us  via the contact form on our website, or write to us at, or call +420 602 576 063.

Author: Anna Křivská

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