5 steps to create a job post that will attract your ideal candidate

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When posting for open job positions there are two main struggles to overcome. The first is getting your post seen by candidates and the second is getting candidates to not only see the post but actually apply to it. Luckily, Datacruit can post your position and make sure that your postings are seen. However, you still should create a notable and attractive post that will make qualified candidates stop from scrolling on to the next similar position. So how do you make a post stand out and be worth the work of an application? Follow these 5 steps to stop your job postings from being lost in the shuffle.

Step 1 - Plan the Layout

When organizing your job post, think of how an applicant would want information provided. After reading dozens of postings a candidate will appreciate key information being easy to find. Try to keep all sections short and to the point. If you have a lot of information to include, remember lists are your friend and make information easier to digest. If you follow a clear plan, applicants will easily analyze your post without becoming confused or bored. 

Topics to include in your posting: 

  • Clear position title
  • Job description
  • Applicant requirements
  • Benefits of the position
  • Follow up information

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Step 2 - Create a memorable job description

The writing of your post should be efficient, however, the job description is where you can have the most creative and embellished language. This is your chance to show off what is unique about your company and organization. When writing this section, envision your ideal candidate. What about this job title and description will be intriguing to them? What will make them want to know more? Depict your job using dynamic terms they would appreciate and they will be attracted to it.

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Step 3 - Define applicant requirements   

It is just as important to know what kind of candidate you don’t want as it is to know the kind you do. The application requirements, including education, soft skills, hard skills, and prior experience, is your opportunity to prevent unwanted candidates from applying. A good applicant requirements section will save you from sorting through a collection of unwanted applications later. 

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Step 4 - Express the benefits of the position

The benefits section is where you can secure a potential candidate. If they have made it this far through the application it means they are intrigued by the position and believe that they align with the responsibilities and expectations of the role. So, make sure to sell what you have. Think of every bonus that comes with the job, flexible hours, benefits, the work location, training, perks, and anything appealing that you offer. Then feature the best of them in a quick list

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Step 5 - Include follow-up information 

Do not lose your candidate at the very last stage, make sure you provide the next steps, contact information, and any resources they might need. Make sure it is easy for them to continue to the application, with Datacruit we provide the convenient “I want to apply” button for you. There should also be contact information in case any applicants have questions. Your contact info can be an email, social media, or website they can reach out to. Finally have key information such as business location, application due date, and if the position is full-time or part-time work. With this information, your candidates should feel confident and ready to apply.

You now have everything you need to make an attractive and effective job post. Get started today and promote on jobs.datacruit.com so that qualified candidates will both find and apply to your job postings.

Author: Anna Křivská

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