5 Steps To Successful Recruitment When Using The Portal For Hiring Managers

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The hiring manager is a key part of the recruitment process . A good recruitment process results from the style of communication between sourcers, recruiters and hiring managers. Due to the busy schedule of hiring managers, HR is usually the only group that deals with recruitment—but what if the hiring manager also wants to be involved in recruiting? If this is the case, then we must use our portal for hiring managers, which is part of Datacruit ATS!


What is the purpose of the portal for hiring managers in Datacruit ATS?

The portal is used to record the recruitment process from the position of the hiring manager. This is a light version of Datacruit ATS, where the hiring manager decides on new position requirements, approves new candidates, and conducts his or her active interviews. Due to the connection of the classic ATS interface and the portal for hiring managers, we obtain an integrated system within the communication and registration of all data needed for recruitment.  

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Here are 5 steps to successful recruitment using the portal for hiring managers portal:  

Creating a position request

The responsible manager has the opportunity to send a position request to ATS, where it is subsequently managed by other users. The request must contain these necessary details:

  • position name
  • reason for the position - internal promo, replacement, or new position
  • branch (department)
  • Internal position information

In ATS, you have the option of creating a template of requirements for specific positions, which helps maintain consistency. This will save time for the hiring manager.  


Position approval

The position approval process is not mandatory, but it is especially suitable for those who actively involve hiring managers in recruitment. The request for approval of a specific position is sent by email from the ATS user to those who have the authority to approve it. The hiring manager can find the request in his or her portal, or under a link in the e-mail.


Advertising and the importance of interaction

The position is published by recruiters who have access to the classic ATS interface. Hiring managers will be notified of interactions via e-mail, where they will find a link to their portal with the candidate's profile.


Interviews and communication with candidates

We are fully aware that the recruitment process is diverse and may vary from company to company. Therefore, recruiters in our system have two different methods to involve managers in recruitment, namely:

  • The hiring manager manages the position individually - the ATS user sets the position of the manager. This will get rid of all recruitment work for a specific position. The manager is notified of all interactions via e-mail.
  • The hiring manager only assesses candidates - the recruiter shares candidates for assessment by the manager after completing preselection. Then, the manager provides feedback, decides whether he or she wishes to invite the candidate for an interview, and, if necessary, sends a message to the recruiter specifying the interview.

TIP! Hiring managers can navigate the portal for hiring managers using both methods


Closing the tender

If the manager manages the position, it is important that he records the result—the so-called acceptance or rejection. From the communication card, a statement is sent to the tender while the central HR is subsequently informed that the position in ATS is closed and, if necessary, withdrawn from advertising .

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Author: Anna Křivská

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