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Employee referral programs, or recommending candidates by current employees, are considered one of the most effective recruitment strategies. In today's blog, we will look at the employee referral program system in detail and you will also find out how Datacruit with employee referral programs can help you.

The role of employee referral programmes in recruitment

Finding talents tends to be one of the biggest challenges for recruiters. So if you're looking for high-quality jobseekers, an employee referral program can be a major help. A lot of research has shown that referral candidates tend to be the best employees, in many ways - the entire recruitment process takes a shorter time, they are more loyal, they are more engaged and they subsequently work for the company for a longer time.

Benefits of employee referral programmes

In today's data-driven world of recruitment, process optimization has become one of the top priorities of many companies that want to provide really effective recruitment.

1. Source of quality candidates

Since your current staff recommends candidates directly through Employee referral programs, they know perfectly well who is suited to the position. This is why referral contacts are very relevant and of high quality compared to other sources.

2. Reduce fluctuation and improve employee retention

Employees coming through referral programmes tend to fit into the company easily and often stay in the companies longer than other employees. They also correspond better to the organisational culture, norms and values of society, as well as less fluctuating.

Even current employees who have recommended candidates for employee referral programs stay longer in the company than those who have not recommended anyone for the program by default. They feel that they have done something useful for society. Moreover, they tend to be much more engaged compared to other employees.

3. Shortening the time of the recruitment process

Candidates from employee referral programs are, for the most part, familiar with the recruitment process and its steps since their contact in the company. You will make contact with them more quickly and get all the information about them. This will speed up the whole recruitment process considerably.

Moreover, with a shorter recruitment process, costs also fall because recruiters need far fewer hours from their time pool to fill the position. This automatically increases the productivity and effectiveness of your recruitment strategy.

4. Strengthening employer branding

Job-seekers trust far more employees than employers or directors. That's why the employee referral program is a great way to attract talent for future job opportunities. So building employer branding will help you attract new candidates and then speed up and streamline your recruitment process.

Integration of Datacruit with Firstbird

Datacruit has integration with referral platform firstbird.com, which is the leading supplier in the European market. Deloitte won the "Referral Program of the Year" award at the prestigious Recruitment Academy Awards 2021, which is built just above the Firstbird solution.

What does the Datacruit-Firstbird link actually look like in practice? First, you need to publish a job offer in the Datacruit ATS, which is automatically typed into the firstbird (similar to the job portal). The offer is then automatically sent to the employees of the company (so-called Talent Scouts) who share or recommend a candidate outright and add feedback to their contacts. Thereafter, there is nothing to prevent the recruitment process underway at Datacruit ATS and the evaluation of candidates' applications. Thereafter comes the evaluation of the recruiter and finally the acceptance or rejection of the relevant candidates.

An important factor is that employees receive rewards for their activity in the form of "points" for which they can buy in the so-called "reward shop", or receive a financial reward. Thanks to the mobile app, all Firstbird users are quickly informed about the necessary details such as the reach of shared links on social networks, the number of recommended candidates, the process of candidates in the selection process, the evaluation of candidates by the recruiter and, of course, the final status of the selection process - whether a candidate has been accepted or not.

source: Dattacruit


Do not hesitate to contact us for more details about the implementation and use of Datacruit ATS as well as the Firstbird platform. It is available to you in the email zdenek.bajer@datacruit.com or call 420 602 576 063.

Author: Petr Kuděj

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