6 Reasons Why You Need an ATS for Recruitment

ATS Functions

A modern approach to recruitment requires modern tools. Companies are abandoning the use of Excel spreadsheets as a way of managing recruitment and are instead implementing the so-called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

With these applications, you can sort out candidates and interviews, engage managers in recruitment, integrate various job portals, and connect LinkedIn or career sites - all in one place.

Here are the main reasons why both large and small companies should consider using an ATS.

1. Improving the Candidate Experience

Nowadays the rule is that the candidate comes first. During the selection process, speed is one of the most crucial factors. Nothing discourages candidates like a two-week wait for a response to a resume or an interview. The ATS keeps track of ongoing interviews and notifies you when it's time to contact the candidates.

2. Being more efficient

Modern recruitment is a very complex discipline that also requires complex technology. Top ATS systems solve a lot of things for you, thus saving you time and headaches, so you can rather put a focus on candidates and communicating with managers. Depending on your recruitment needs, you can use (A) various forms of automation such as automated advertising, automatic import of responses, automatic email notifications, automation of consent to personal data processing, (B) bulk actions such as bulk and personalized emails to candidates, mass sharing of candidates to managers, (C) support for direct contact with candidates in the form of efficient search and recycling of previous recruitment processes or integration with LinkedIn and last but not least, (D) Dashboard, which clearly shows you everything you currently have on your plate.

3. Creating your pool of candidates

Simply said, "pool" is a recruitment database of potential candidates. These are people who, for example, have shown interest in your company in the past. Addressing candidates directly is one of the modern trends and there is nothing easier than contacting a candidate who has previously shown interest in your company. That way you already have something to build on. A properly chosen ATS will not only make the process of finding relevant candidates much easier but also save time and money spent on advertising.

4. Overview of your recruitment funnel

Just a few clicks and you will find the details of all recruitment activities that are currently in progress. With advanced analytics, you will be able to track key metrics and spot opportunities for improvement. You can identify strong sources of candidates, find out how many candidates are needed to fill one position or the average length of a recruitment process.

5. Actively involving managers

Datacruit offers a unique feature among other available ATS systems. We have implemented the so-called Portal for managers in our ATS. It significantly simplifies communication and cooperation between the HR department and managers. Managers gain an overview of relevant candidates included in the selection process, they can approve or reject them with one click and provide feedback to recruitment specialists. The Datacruit solution is also suitable for companies with a large branch network, where the branch manager is directly responsible for recruitment.

Manager's view within the portal:

6. Safely stored data

High-quality ATS systems are ISO 27001 certified, which is a standard in the field of information security. They comply with the principles of GDPR, check the validity of consents to personal data processing, and simplify their management.

These are only a few of the benefits of using an ATS. They are not only tools designed for large, specialized HR departments. Their functionality will also be appreciated by smaller companies that want to recruit in a modern and efficient way.
Author: Zdeněk Bajer

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