We built a new website for the non-profit organization Genixa

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Few may suspect that, in addition to developing a modern recruitment application, we are also involved in the creation of websites in Datacruit. We have a number of career sites that successfully bring interesting candidates to our clients and facilitate recruiters' day-to-day work.

We enjoy our work and are pleased to use our experience for a good cause and to help elsewhere. That is why we have decided to support the non-profit company Genixa. The organisation deals with helping people who are disadvantaged in any way in the labour market. Whether it is mothers on maternity leave, people over 50 or, for example, people with disabilities. Through webinars, online and attendance courses, it offers professional consultations in addition to education.

Genix was most troubled by previous versions of the website, which operated on an outdated version of the Joomla editorial system. The inaccuracy of the system and its user complexity made it virtually impossible to update regularly and easily. Also unsatisfactory was the site structure, which did not reflect all needs.

We decided to help Genix and ensured a comprehensive technical aspect of creating a new site. They took care of content creation directly in Genix, so we were left with the role of advisor in user design, programming, layout and filling pages with prepared content. "We have created a pilot version of the site, which we operate on our own CMS (Content Management System) and on Datacruit web hosting, where we also operate other web and career sites of our customers,“ comments on the course of cooperation CEO Datacruit Zdeněk Bajer. "The advantage of a custom CMS over a traditional one, such as Joomla or Wordpress, is primarily the security, speed and scalability of such a solution.“During the process of building the new site and especially after we started filling it with content, there were also a few changes in the structure of the site, which is a common practice. The final step was to test the functionality of the entire site and its rollover to the sharp version with the domain www.genixa.cz . The deployment of web analytics was also a matter of course.

The main benefits of the new site are as follows:

  • corresponds to the current needs of the Genixa organization,
  • allows management and planning of both full-time and online courses, including online registration,
  • on the web it is possible to play records from past webinars,
  • is fully responsive and thus user-friendly, both on a regular computer and in a mobile device or tablet,
  • speed, security and easy scalability thanks to the use of advanced technologies in site construction.

Sára Drozdová, Project Manager in Genix, adds: "Proactivity was important to us. We needed someone to come up with suggestions and other changes to help us bring the site back to life. Datacruit designed a template for the site where they uploaded our texts, consulted us on changes and ideas that would look good and be user-friendly. Moreover, they found solutions to each of our requests and prepared the changes very quickly.“

We wish the entire Genixa project to serve them reliably and, thanks to them, continue to help people on their way to their new jobs.

Author: Petr Kuděj

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