CASE STUDY: Thanks to Datacruit ATS, our recruitment is agile and efficient, says Zuzana Durnakova from Arriello

Arriello is one of our satisfied customers that use Datacruit ATS to manage recruitment processes. Zuzana Durnakova, Talent Acquisition Manager, told us more about the company’s transition to a new recruitment application.

Zuzka, please give us a brief introduction to Arriello.

Arriello is a consulting company that provides professional services in the field of pharmacovigilance, regulation and registration of medicines for our clients who are pharmaceutical companies from all over the world. We operate globally and our headquarters is in Dublin, but we have an operations center in the very heart of Prague.

Thanks to the fact that we have employees of 24 different nationalities, we have a very open corporate culture, which inevitably includes the tradition of shared Friday breakfasts and even a dog friendly office.

The combination of so many different nationalities and global operations certainly poses a lot of challenges associated with recruitment. How did your recruitment activities look like before?

Recruitment at Arriello was managed through several channels, which we then combined in one Excel file. However, this did not suit us, because we were not able to track our activities and candidate sources or possibly add communication or notes to them and use them for search. In addition to Excel, we also used ZOHO Recruit to manage candidates, which, however, does not support some of the functions you expect when you want to manage the recruitment process effectively.

How did the transition to Datacruit ATS help you?

Datacruit ATS has simplified our lives and daily activities - from tracking new reactions from our professional pages to selecting resumes from referral programs or job portals thanks to an easy connection to the ATS. All reactions are now located in Datacruit "under one roof" which makes any follow up communication with candidates much easier and faster.

Is there a feature that you especially appreciate in the recruitment system?

A great added value is the ability to generate reports during or in the end of a recruitment process for our management, while it is all very simple and intuitive.

What convinced you that Datacruit ATS is the best option out of all the available solutions?

While picking out a new system, we did a market research of all ATS solutions, and Datacruit ATS turned out to be the most suitable to the needs of our medium-sized company, which is growing every year and we need to hire new colleagues around the world.

What certainly convinced us was the helpful approach of the Datacruit‘s CEO Zdeněk Bajer, who showed us the individual functions in the demo version and at the same time that the system is constantly being developed and introduces new functions. In case there is a problem, there is nothing easier than to contact the Datacruit team directly and they will prepare a tailor-made solution.

Part of your recruitment team has already tried Datacruit ATS in the demo version. How was the subsequent implementation of the system across the entire company?

The implementation process was mainly about acquainting the whole team with the individual functions of Datacruit ATS and largely about customization and data migration. It was also a great added value that the guys from Datacruit helped us a lot with migrating the data from ZOHO Recruit to the new system. The communication was always professional, and the implementation went smoothly.

You have been using our recruitment application in Arriello for several months now. How do you evaluate the current cooperation?

We are certainly very happy that we switched to Datacruit and made the decision to implement a new system for tracking and managing candidates. The biggest benefits are efficiency and saving time during the selection process, both from the perspective of candidates and our colleagues - hiring managers.

The Hiring manager portal is another tweak that we use on a daily basis and it has reduced the reaction time, when we are able to send a message to the candidate with an interest in continuing the selection process and inviting him to Arriello for an interview. From past experience, I know how crucial the speed of the process and agility in decision-making is, if you want to get a candidate and keep him engaged at a high level throughout the process.

In conclusion, thank you to Datacruit on behalf of our entire Arriello team for coming up with a solution that will make your work with recruiting new colleagues easier.

Zuzana Durnakova, Talent Acquisition Manager

Author: Petr Kuděj

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