Reskilling and internal mobility

Nowadays, the labour market is constantly evolving and changing. New technologies and trends can influence which professions are in demand and which gradually disappear from the market. In such an environment, it is important to have a flexible labour market that allows people to adapt to these changes. Reskilling and internal mobility are two tools that can help companies and employees adapt to these developments.

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Reskilling means acquiring new skills and knowledge for employees who are reorienting themselves to another profession. This process may be necessary if their current profession is gradually disappearing from the market or if they want to improve their position on the labour market. Reskilling can be implemented using various tools such as training, online courses or mentoring programs. The goal of reskilling is to enable employees to acquire new skills that will enable them to adapt to changing conditions in the labour market.    

Internal mobility  

Internal mobility means the transfer of employees within the company. This strategy allows companies to take advantage of the skills and experience of their employees, while at the same time allowing them to grow and develop. Transfers between departments, functions and positions can be implemented, for example, through rotations, projects or special talent development programs. The goal of internal mobility is to create greater flexibility in the organisation and enable employees to develop and gain new experience in different areas.

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Reskilling and internal mobility are very beneficial for companies. They help retain qualified employees and improve competitiveness at the same time. Companies will also save on the cost of recruiting new employees and their training. Employees, on the other hand, gain new skills and experience, enabling them to adapt to changes in the labour market and improve their position.  

The use of reskilling and internal mobility also requires the right strategy. Companies should have a clear idea of what skills and experience are most important to them and how they can provide them to their employees. It is also important to provide employees with sufficient information about the possibilities of reskilling and internal mobility and to motivate them to actively participate in these programs.   

Employees, on the other hand, should be open and willing to learn new things. It should be realised that acquiring new skills and experience is a great opportunity for them to grow and develop. It is also important to realise that internal mobility and reskilling are not only about acquiring new skills, but also about expanding knowledge about the functioning of the company as a whole.

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In conclusion, it can be concluded that reskilling and internal mobility are important tools for developing and maintaining competitiveness for both companies and employees. It is an investment in the future that allows you to adapt to rapid changes in the labor market and gain new skills and experience. Whether you are an employee looking for new challenges and growth opportunities, or a company looking for ways to maintain its position in the market, reskilling and internal mobility are great solutions worth considering.

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Author: Anna Křivská

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