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Picture an office from a magazine having a picturesque team and excellent coffee. Outwardly, a company that everyone would like to work for. But what is the reality? Building brand loyalty towards customers depends primarily on the quality of services, identification with customers, fulfillment of requirements directed at the company, and marketing campaigns. But the question is - how do you impress your own employees and build unbreakable corporate loyalty? Let's take a look at 4 steps to help you implement your Employee Value Proposition, or EVP.

View employees the same as clients!

Whether it's potential employees or existing ones, don't forget their added value and contribution. Treat them the same way you treat your clients. You should be able to answer this important question - why do they work for your company and not for your competitor?

TIP! The first contact is usually the job opportunity. Perfect your approach and attract the perfect candidates!

1. Create an achievable goal

Outline the specific outcome that you hope for from an EVP. Involve your team in the planning, it is not an individual process. Together review the bulk statistics that add up the performance of the recruitment itself, turnover, and success of interviews.

What will EVP identification, setup, and communication bring you?

  • Reduction of recruitment costs
  • Hiring more top talent
  • Reducing employee turnover / improving productivity
  • Easier to attract more candidates when you can present a compelling reason why they should apply
  • When you can clearly articulate why someone would want to work for you , you will attract people who are a better cultural fit and not opt for the competition

TIP! Be original and start applying non-traditional recruitment methods!


2. Analyze the reasons for joiners and leavers

So, with your team you have created a goal. Now you should focus on dissecting the current situation. You should be able to understand why someone chooses your company or decides to leave it. Priorities can be deciphered these days by creating focus groups that gather information for you and provide solutions within the company. Last but not least - listen to what individuals in the organization are saying! You can then create a picture of your company culture relatively quickly.

TIP! Stay on top of the latest recruitment innovations, which are more important than ever!


3. Focus on candidates’ personalities

The results of the reasons for joining and leaving are directly dependent on the personality of specific candidates. What are their personalities, experiences, skills, how do they find information, and what will convince them to accept the offer? All of these characteristics affect acceptance/rejection. Simply put - sell what they want to buy while being authentic.

There are 5 main aspects that most candidates look for:

  • Wages
  • Benefits
  • Career Development Opportunities
  • Working Environment
  • Corporate Culture

There is an unspoken rule that few companies are aware of. The added value of employment can be dissolved in these 5 indicators, i.e. what is not in benefits can be in opportunities.


4. Verify, measure and analyze!

Creating an EVP is not the final thing you must do to earn your employees favoritism, it is the beginning. Check that your procedure makes sense and track the results it is responsible for . Ideally, check once every six months that the key metrics you set are still working. Keep asking existing and new employees if they are satisfied and what they would change.

TIP! Start your employee-employer relationship out strong. Learn how to onboard your new members in the MOST effective way!


Now you have an idea of the EVP process and what it entails. Adapt it to your company's goals and aspirations, be the company you want to be on all accounts. Love for a brand does not necessarily always translate from the top to bottom, but you could influence buy-in with the steps mentioned above. Don't forget to be inquisitive and take a real interest in the desires and grievances of your employees, it can be a great way to get an informed insight into the company culture!


Author: Anna Křivská

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