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The benefits options are more varied every year. We no longer see the benefits of previous years as a benefit, but as a standardized work environment. These already forgotten benefits include working from home, flexible working hours or social events. So the question arises - how to attract potential candidates and current employees in 2023? Let's take a look at several popular benefits that can play a decisive role in 2023.

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1. Four-day workweek

Give your employees a 4 day work week! A few times a year we are lucky enough to have a long weekend. Imagine if this situation happened every week! This is an extension of work flexibility options. Employees would work 80% of the time for 100% of the pay. The advantages of setting up the aforementioned work model are two-sided. Among them is primarily an increase in productivity! A rested employee has more enthusiasm for work and at the same time the love for the company as such deepens.

TIP! More information on the functioning of the 4 day work week will be provided by 4 Day Week Global, the non-profit organization behind the whole project!


2. Mental health first

Employees are increasingly experiencing burnout or excessive stress. It is in the interest of both parties that these problems and the reasons that cause them are addressed. Take care of the mental health of your employees! It will be returned to you in the form of quality work and positive energy in the workplace. Educate your employees on how to recognize and address mental health issues in others and thereby enrich your internal supportive culture. There are also many employee assistance programs.

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3. Financial support

Salary is not a benefit, but financial bonuses for work are considered to be. Employers should focus on those that are most in demand. These are primarily food allowances or pension insurance. Many employees have a problem with prioritizing savings instead of immediate - necessary expenses. Motivate them by saying that if they put some amount aside for savings, you will match them with some value.    


4. Child care assistance  

Help with childcare can take many forms such as babysitting, tutoring, college coaching and subsidized child care through employer contributions. As the new year approaches, employer-sponsored child care assistance increases, as do the demands placed on them. If you provide your employees with such benefits, you will increase their work performance, which is of course positive for both parties.

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The benefits mentioned in our article are not the only ones you could give your employees this year, but they are the most requested across the board. At the same time, it may not correspond to the requirements of your employees. For that reason, don't forget the most important benefit, the opportunity to express yourself and be heard. Ask your employees what they would like in terms of benefits, what worries them and what they would change. Develop a company culture, in the end it is the most important thing for employee loyalty!

Author: Anna Křivská

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