What else to do with data from ATS? Use them in marketing

Data is the company's greatest asset. With quality data, you can do other miracles you may not have known about. Your talent database may be an undiscovered treasure. There are several ways to further use your database and data from it. With it, you can better target your future recruitment campaigns, send relevant news and reach new people.

Start with newsletters

With newsletters, it's a bit like TV commercials. You will hear that this is an outdated format and that "no one is watching TV and no one is reading the newsletters". However, the results show the opposite and the power of targeted mailing should not be underestimated. You can send notifications of job offers to your contacts from the database or otherwise inform them about news from your company that might be of interest to them. In addition to specific open positions, your potential employees may be interested in, for example, a newly introduced benefit or referral program. However, keep in mind the GDPR rules and do not forget to verify that your consent to the processing of personal data includes consent to further contacting and sending marketing and business messages.

We also recommend segmenting contacts and creating messages as tailor-made as possible. An IT specialist won't care if you're looking for a new sales representative. In terms of segmenting candidates, a good categorization of candidates using keywords or the history of previous tenders will serve you well.

Then all you have to do is prepare a newsletter and send it directly from your recruitment database (ATS) to selected candidates or export your contacts to the tool you use for the purpose of the newsletter. The communication towards the candidate must be as personalized as possible.

Expand your audience on Facebook

Combine your data with the power of social networks. Thanks to its clever logarithms, Facebook can take your database, pair it with real network users and, based on an analysis of their behavior and interests, create new target groups, so-called audiences. In Facebook terminology, these audiences are called Lookalike audience (or similar groups of users in Czech) and can be created by any more experienced marketer who can move in the environment of social networks.

The undeniable advantage is that thanks to the use of your data of relevant candidates, you target precisely defined groups. Again, there is the possibility of good segmentation, but the condition is to have at least 100 users in each segment.

Reach visitors again and again

Probably everyone has encountered it. You visit an e-shop with clothes and its ads then chase you everywhere. You can use the same for recruitment campaigns, for example. Put Facebook pixels and Google tags on Google career pages (Google Tag Manager). Once a user visits your site, you can remind them of the selected message in other places in the online space - on social networks, in search, or on various websites in the form of banner advertising.

You will make good use of this option in the case of larger recruitment campaigns or in the environment of a recruitment agency for addressing candidates and clients. But beware of over-bombarding users with ads. Everything is very harmful and a person who sees your ad 20 times a day will not be any more motivated to connect with you. For example, for Facebook, the recommended ad frequency is between 1.8 and 4 ad impressions per day.

Connect other data sources and optimize

As the number of candidates for your ATS increases, so does the data you have. Therefore, update the places where you use the data once in a while. Other tools go hand in hand, giving you more valuable information. Google Analytics tells you what sources candidates visit you most often, which campaigns are most effective, how many times they visit the site before they connect with you, and more. This information opens the door to further optimize and improve your activities.

If you are preparing a marketing campaign to get new candidates or you just want to share a job somewhere on the Internet and social networks, then it is important that information about the source (where the candidate came from) is automatically written to your ATS. Modern recruitment applications such as Datacruit ATS will make such sharing much easier for you. You can easily create a referral link for a colleague, create a link to a job offer that has the name of the campaign in it, or get a link to a reaction form that you can easily insert into a LinkedIn ad or another portal. Candidates' reactions are then not only automatically copied to the ATS, but you also have accurate information about the candidate's source.

The traditional question remains where to start. Don't be put off by the many possibilities that lie ahead. Choose one small step to start with and decide to try it out and test its effectiveness and benefits and then move on to the next step.

Author: Petr Kuděj

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