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Globally, digital transformation, which refers to the trend of companies utilizing digital tools and technology to improve business operations, is steadily increasing. As of November 2022, per Zippia, 70% either have the digital infrastructure or are working towards its development. Even at the small and mediums business sizes 57% have basic digital intensity in the Czech Republic alone, with the EU at 60% integration. Clearly, both the EU and the Czech Republic have room to grow and are expected to do so.

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Current Situation & High Demand of IT Professionals

These internal networks, websites, or databases require maintenance and design, which is where IT professionals and teams come into the picture. Making IT professionals essential for business operations, digital transformation causes high demand for recruiting qualified, dedicated IT specialists.


In the most recent Recruitment Academy HR Intelligence Report, the IT industry experienced a 9.1% (165,000 to 180,000) growth from 2021 - 2022 in the Czech Republic. Growth was especially high in IT roles such as Scrum Master, Python Developer, and Javascript Developer. Further, in the job postings at Datacruit, 20% of all vacant positions as of November 30th 2022 are within the IT category.

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Standing Out in the Sea of Vacant Positions

With the current high desire for IT professionals, it is extremely important for you and your organization to diversify yourself to potential candidates. Not only will diversifying yourself encourage more application, it will encourage higher qualified candidates to come join your organization. Keep in mind that while providing a unique way to connect with these IT professionals you should collect some contact information, e.g. email or phone number, so that further communication beyond the sourcing effort can occur.

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3 ways to grab the attention of IT candidates in unique ways:

1. Host a Hackathon:

Using good-natured competition in a hackathon, is a great way to get face-to-face interaction with qualified candidates. Beyond personalized interactions from organization to individual, hackathons are opportunities for candidates to show off their skills, teamwork, and ingenuity


Hackathon examples:


Your organization may not have the resources to host a hackathon as large as these examples, so sponsoring one of the already well-established ones is an alternative option. Further, your organization could work with a university or course to put on a small-scale hackathon.


2. Coding Competition  

Similar to hackathons, coding competitions highlight the skills and capabilities of IT professionals but focus solely on individuals. Rather than putting on a large competition, which takes capital, coding competitions can be run virtually and enable more to participate.


Coding competition examples:


As you can see, some of the largest companies across the globe fund and promote these types of competitions. Of course it encourages youth to pursue a career in IT and programming, but it also serves a benefit for them. High quality candidates compete for the grand prize, all while becoming members of these companies' talent pools.


3. Club Sponsorship

All IT professionals have a life outside of work and activities that they enjoy, whether that be biking, gaming, hiking, baking, or something else. Now imagine if a local company sponsored your activity and paid for your expenses!


Club sponsorship example:


This is a unique way that companies are tapping into individual social networks and encouraging networking for their employees and IT professionals. By sponsoring activities that IT professionals enjoy, organizations have the opportunity to create a positive image of their brand. Which comes to mind the next time these individuals are thinking of leaving their current positions!


Future of IT Sourcing

 It is unlikely that the need and high demand for IT professionals will change anytime soon. Meaning that, there is no better time than now to get creative with your sourcing methods such as the three examples above. Candidates enjoy feeling wanted and by putting in extra effort into gaining their attention, you gain appreciation, brand reputation, and wonderful new employees!


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Author: Anna Křivská

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