The ATS dashboard contributes to more efficient recruitment

So there's no doubt that all sorts of Applicant Tracking Systems try to simplify the day-to-day work of recruiters, HR specialists and managers, applications optimize and introduce new tools and functionalities.

We have already written about the essential advantages of ATS systems in our article 6 reasons why you need an ATS system.

And our Czech Datacruit ATS is not far behind either. We have also implemented the Dashboard feature in the ATS after the management portal. It provides users with a complete and quick overview of ongoing recruitment activities. It appears as the first thing after logging into the system and can also be perceived as helping smooth the recruitment process and other HR activities.

For example, Dashboard, or if you want Czech Dashboard, watches for you how many interviews you have in a given week, how many new appointments you have, or even the number of expiring consents to the processing of personal data. It is the central source of all the basic information you need to know every day. In different time periods, you can follow your basic KPIs (key success indicators) and have an overview of all activities even within larger teams.

This is a very reliable tool that reminds you of essential activities important for successful communication with a candidate and improves their candidate experience. With a dashboard, you'll never forget to address a candidate who's waiting for an answer or who's been in the approval process for a long time.

While the dashboard is a basic overview of the most important thing about recruitment in your company right now, a more detailed look at all aspects of recruitment and HR can be found in Report. Here you can explore in detail essential information and activities for you in any time frame.

We offer a trial run for 1 month free. During this time, you will discover not only the magic of the dashboard, but also other features offered by this recruitment software.

Author: Petr Kuděj

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