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As a post-pandemic business environment has accelerated a rapidly changing job market, finding and retaining talented employees has become more difficult than ever before. Recruiters can no longer rely on traditional hiring methods—passively posting job ads and awaiting emails from potential candidates has become ineffective. If your company is failing to reach and attract ideal candidates, it may be time to adopt a new recruiting method. Here are 5 innovative approaches in recruitment you should consider.


1. Outsource Certain Roles

One prevailing trend in the current job market is the explosion of freelance work, often referred to as the gig economy. Many skilled workers will sign on with companies for certain projects before moving on to other opportunities, rather than becoming long-term employees with a single company. 

Companies can take advantage of this trend in the workforce by seeking freelance specialists for projects that are an ideal match for their abilities. This is often more cost effective than hiring employees needed for projects now, but then being forced to look for a long-term fit within the company that may not exist. If this strategy is used effectively, it can allow a company to allocate salary far more efficiently and save time on HR and planning efforts

This trend is very important for recruiters as well, because a gig economy creates far more job turnover. A mature gig economy has a constant need for recruiters because candidates and positions will be rotating constantly. 


2. Alternative Recruitment Networks

Recruitment through social media has become a staple of modern recruiting and, without a doubt, it remains a crucial point of focus. That said, with recruiters flooding traditional sources of candidates such as LinkedIn, candidates can become desensitized by the mass information and outreach efforts can lose their salience. 

In order to diversify their talent pool and reach candidates from a more visible angle, savvy recruiters have started to seek out entirely alternative outlets. Recent examples include Amazon recruiting through Tinder, McDonald’s through Snapchat, and Goldman Sachs through Spotify. These apps are widely used in day-to-day life, including by key candidates, but they are never viewed as an outlet for professional correspondence. Because of this, candidates find the recruitment outreach novel and take notice of it due to its unique position. Research has even hinted that candidates may be more susceptible to recruiting efforts when they are in a more relaxed state of mind, perhaps chatting with friends, unwinding with some music, or visualizing their next date night. 

These strategies are highly diverse and experimental, so perhaps your average recruitment campaign wouldn’t benefit from these examples the same way advertising forces like Amazon or McDonald’s might. However, the results are compelling and a more unique and creative approach is sometimes necessary to gain that leg up on recruiters who remain entrenched in media forms that are already oversaturated.   


3. Recruitment software - Datacruit ATS

Applicant Tracking Softwares are applications that enable the electronic management of recruitment and hiring needs. Datacruit ATS simplifies recruitment by allowing for all stages of the recruitment process to be navigated in one place. Whether it be talent acquisition, reporting and statistics, or communication with potential candidates, all your recruiting needs will be organized and accessible in an efficient and user-friendly software. Datacruit ATS will improve productivity across the entire organization by reducing the hiring headaches and recruitment challenges that come with working with a variety of candidate sources, engaging with candidates, collaborating with other hiring managers and recruiters, and understanding people analytics

Tip! Educate yourself and your team with the help of the best people on the market. Online courses and webinars produced by our sister company Recruitment Academy are free within Datacruit ATS.   


4. AI-Powered Candidate Screening

Tired of sorting through that pile of CVs and cover letters on your desk? Save time and eliminate the influence of human bias by organizing potential candidates using AI technology

It was only a matter of time before artificial intelligence was used in a professional setting. The world of AI has arrived, and it is time to use it to your advantage. By programming a platform that filters candidates based on characteristics like skills, experience, or location, an organized list of potential candidates will be compiled instantaneously. Not only will this streamline the recruitment process, but it ensures the candidates will be sorted in a completely impartial manner


5. Virtual Reality Recruitment

Traditional videos have been an effective tool in the recruitment arsenal for decades, allowing recruiters to demonstrate the benefits or excitement of working within a position to the candidate in a more impactful and memorable way. The next step in the evolution of this recruitment method would be virtual reality recruitment. VR recruitment could allow a candidate to experience a potential position with an unparalleled level of realism. Aside from the detail of the experience, VR recruiting content demonstrates to candidates that the company is innovative, creative, and exciting, associations that research has shown are among the most powerful in the minds of candidates. 

It will probably be some time before VR technology is accessible enough to be worth considering for the average recruiting campaign, but the trend is certainly worth keeping in mind for the potential alone. 

Whether these trends are something to consider in your approach to recruiting today or a trend to monitor moving into the future, it remains important to stay mindful of new developments in the recruiting space. We hope that this article can lend you some insight into how to stay innovative when it comes to your recruiting approach! 

Author: Anna Křivská

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