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Recruitment plays a critical role in every company. But a lack of good candidates combined with a strong economy makes the search for the best employees more competitive than ever. Established recruitment models are obsolete.

We started Datacruit in 2014 to get rid of Excel tables and inefficient recruitment management tools. We wanted to take advantage of our many years of experience and help increase access to recruitment across the market.

Combining data with our innovative recruitment platform, we help companies increase productivity by finding the best candidates sooner.

100% focused on recruitment

We know we can’t do everything. We focus on what we do best: recruiting. That’s our speciality. 

We are leaders, not followers

We aren’t content with the status quo. We’re reinventing the industry and always looking for new ways to make recruitment more effective.

Reliability is in our DNA

We work hard to earn trust and we keep our word. Honesty, fairness and respect. Always.

Our team

Zdeněk Bajer

Zdeněk Bajer

CEO a zakladatel

"I believe that we can make recruitment productive through technology and data. We help recruiters to move from reactive to proactive."

Zdenek has been working in the field of recruitment technology since 2005. His professional approach and commitment to find new ways of using technology make him one of the leading experts on the market.  For many years he led IT in one of the most successful recruitment agencies in Europe. Since 2014, he helps companies to more productive and more efficient recruitment.

Roman Bittner

Roman Bittner

Chief Developer

"My  goal is to create applications that are easy to use and improve the day-to-day work of recruiters."

Since 2003, he has been dedicated to developing recruitment technology solutions. Roman is an experienced software developer with a solid track record of process optimisation and systems integrations. During his professional career he has developed three different Applicant Tracking Systems, each in different programming languages and each in line with new trends in technology. He participated in a wide range of automation processes in the area of recruitment.

Join the Datacruit Team

Join the Datacruit Team

Does making life easier for HR teams sound like your dream job? Want to work in a cozy office surrounded by interesting colleagues who can teach you something and also take you out for a beer? Maybe you’re just the new colleague we’re looking for.

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