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Datacruit for Enterprises is an on-premises Recruitment Software solution for large staffing agencies and recruitment departments who need a lot of customization, prefer to have an ATS platform in house or require deep integrations with internal systems and processes.

We understand that you may have a unique needs and requirements. Datacruit for Enterprises allows to customize your talent acquisition workflows, create new templates and integrate the ATS with your internal processes and applications in order to maximize efficiency and productivity of your talent sourcers.

Talent Analytics researches show that companies who go through the process of “datafying” (analysing and utilizing of recruitment data) are seeing 2-3x better results in quality of hire, leadership pipelines, and employee turnover. We believe that your organisation have a lot of recruitment data already but you need the analytic experience, tools and skills to perform the right analysis. We can help you to leverage this huge opportunity in your company. It all starts with asking the right questions.

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