Why Datacruit

Datacruit is a newly established recruitment technology provider that connects people, data and companies. Our business model is based on utilizing data in recruitment in order to provide recruitment professionals with better market insights and enable them to find, attract and retain the best talent. The new data driven concept is stemming from the traditional ATS software being used among recruiters for many years. The additional data management, data modelling and analyses will guarantee more efficient processes and higher quality engagement between recruiters and external talents. We are converting a traditional ATS into a data driven recruitment platform.

We believe in our core values of Integrity, Innovation, Reliability and Responsiveness that differentiates us from our competitors. We are continually focused on analyzing data and finding ways to move our platform to the next level and thus support our community of recruitment agencies and HR departments to achieve better results.

We believe that the better you structure, plan and measure your recruitment process, the better talent you will attract.
Infographic Datacruit

Our concept starts with an Applicant Tracking System that enables you to manage your candidates, recruiters and resources. Generating the right reports and management information is the starting ground for data analysis.

Joining our platform you get the set of powerful tools that will allow you to use data and information about your candidates, clients, interviews and jobs in a way that will help you to manage your recruitment portfolio, increase productivity, make better decisions and achieve better business results.

We adopt the latest recruitment data benchmarks to enable your business to grow in this ever changing business environment. When you use and utilize data, you will be better prepared for future and you can predict your next hiring challenges.

Use data and recruit, that's Datacruit!

GET THE BASIS RIGHT - learn more about our Datacruit ATS and it’s featuresBecome a member of our recruitment community. We go beyond traditional Applicant Tracking Systems.