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Datacruit for Business is an easy-to-use Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment Software that helps staffing agencies and recruiting departments track job openings, CVs, candidates and clients more quickly and efficiently. Datacruit for Business allows you to spend less time on the process and more time on what you do best: getting the right candidate.

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Datacruit for Business improves the speed and quality of your talent acquisition strategies, creates a great client experience and increases your productivity.

4 steps to get on track

  • Define your Recruitment Process and hiring volumes
  • Make Sure your Applicant Tracking System reflects your recruitment workflow
  • Define what data you need for continuous improvement
  • Use data to plan your next hiring strategy
Here’s an overview of all of the recruiting management features within Datacruit for Business.

Job Management

Create job openings based on the Client or Hiring Manager's requirements and customize the job opening form.

Publish job openings in your website and Social Media.This allows the candidates to apply for a specific job opening directly from the website.

Job Management
Candidate Management

Candidate Management

Add candidates and upload CVs and other relevant documents for quick reference. Add candidate work experience and Job Requirements for better applicant tracking. Add relevant tags/keywords to improve search results and matching.

Track the candidates and schedule multiple interviews based on their progress. Use predefined templates to quickly generate Evaluation Forms straight off the system.

Client and Contract Management

Add clients and upload contract documents and other relevant documents for quick reference.

Add primary and other relevant client contacts details.

Add your Sales Activities such as call logs, notes about the discussions and meetings made with client for future reference.

Client and Contract Management


Measure and share data using reports that deliver results on Client Interviews, Placements or Temp Workres.

Get advanced reporting Consultant’s KPIs activities and Business Development.


Quickly search job openings, candidates or clients using simple or advanced search criteria.

Search inside candidate documents.

Use Boolean and tags/keywords search to maximise efficiency of your search results.



Automatic e-mail notifications allow recruiters to stay on top of new candidates, job openings and clients.

Email or SMS all your candidates and clients from within Datacruit platform and store the correspondence for future reference.

Product Customization

Brand templates with your company logo.

Edit custom lists such as Branches, Regions, Job Categories.

Create custom email templates.


Product Support

Our customer services is available to help your company to reach next level of recruitment staffing services.

Improve your applicant tracking and hiring processes from start to finishPick up your plan that suits your business needs.

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